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Living the UCB Values


We realise that there are a vast number of people who rely on us to develop breakthrough medicines that will enrich their lives. This is why innovative science is the foundation of everything we do.

Passion for performance

Our patients are our lifeline and deserve nothing but the best. We’re passionate about what we do strive to exceed our own goals.


As entrepreneurs, we constantly strive to innovate our products, improve services to our patients and create sustainable value for our investors.


Committed to transparency & fairness, we will go beyond compliance and ensure flawless quality in all we do.


Nurturing every aspect of life is what we do. Be it people, society or the planet; we make sure to contribute more to the environment than what we take from it.


Transparency is driven in to each and every one of our people who are trained to make sound and timely decisions and are accountable for everything they do.

Embracing difference

We recognise diversity is the cornerstone of our success. We encourage and respect differences as it strengthens our organisation.